Hi! My name is Candice Beaulieu and I started this project as a way to combine my constant curiosity about the history of people, places and things here in New England along with my love of photography. I currently reside in the suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts with my husband, about 40 minutes west of the City. I grew up in Central Massachusetts, and while I have visited many other parts of the US, I can’t imagine calling any other region home.

I challenged myself on November 7, 2018 (which happened to be our eight year wedding anniversary) to visit all of the Historic New England properties within a one year time frame, and document the journey here. Suffice it to say, life got in the way and while I still have not visited every single property, I continue to have an amazing time visiting homes where and when I can, and have expanded to visiting homes in other states and countries as well.  I will continue to share photos, fun facts and highlights of the history of each property as I continue my journey!

I hope you enjoy following along  and that it inspires you to visit and learn about the history you may have in your own backyard!

Disclaimer: I am in no way connected to the Historic New England organization, or any other historic preservation organization, other than by potentially purchasing memberships to those organizations. I will likely be using historical facts found on the historic homes official website, printed materials available at each of the properties, and stories or information from their onsite guides in order to capture what you  see here. I will reference concrete sources as much as I possibly can. All photographs are taken by me, otherwise a source will be noted. And lastly, please note that this blog is written in my personal voice, and as it is a passion project for me,  my grammar and punctuation may not be perfect at all times.